The MSR will continue to sponsor a spun fiber competition. The divisions and rules for the competition are:
Wool and Other Protein Fibers
Division 1: Fine - 2 oz. skein, spun fine (sport weight or finer)
Division 2: Medium - 3 oz. skein spun medium (worsted weight)
Division 3: Bulky - 4 oz. skein spun bulky
Other Fibers: Cotton, Tencel, Soy Silk, Ramie, Linen, etc.
Division 4: Fine - 2 oz. skein, spun fine (sport weight or finer)
Division 5: Medium - 3 oz. skein spun medium (worsted weight)
Novelty - any fiber blend
Division 6: - 2 oz. skein
Novely yarns differ from other yarns by having deliberately introduced irregularities in their construction, such as variations in thickness and unevenly combined component threads, forming loops, projections, slubs, etc., which provide texture in the final fabric. Color effects are often involved.
Submission muchs include information about fiber used and the proposed end use of the yarn.
Click here to download the Judge's Form to see the criteria for judging.
  1. Yarn may be singles or plied
  2. Judging will be based on twist, good hand, and overall quality
  3. All skeins must be made by the exhibitor
  4. Skeins should be tagged with a 3 x 5 card folded in half.
    Listed on the card must be:
    • Division
    • Sheep breed, other animal, plant or synthetic fiber identification
    • Entended use of yarn - socks, shawl, mittens, etc.
  5. Entries will be accepted between 9-10:30 am Saturday and will be displayed from 11 am Saturday through 3 pm Sunday. Mailed skeins can not be accepted. Entries must be picked up between 3 and 4 pm on Sunday. MSR will not be responsible for unclaimed items.

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